When you feel a peaceful joy, that's

when you are near truth.



About Me

Hello :)


Welcome to my site.

I am Shakti Ma and it is my delight to be your guide throughout your journey into healing, transforming and balancing your life.

Whether it's through the BODY; Yoga, Ayurvedic therapies, the MIND; meditation and stress relief, or the SOUL; finding your 'dharma' life purpose, and re-igniting your passion and hearts desires through workshops and mentoring.

It is my honour to serve you with love, light and joy.


Namaste x            


Chopra Centre Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

Yin Yoga

Classical Kundalini




Over 20 years experience in holistic therapies.


Intuitive Touch

Tri Dosha Ayurveda treatments

Shakti Ma Rituals








Chopra Centre Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction Workshops

Meditation Classes 



Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Ayurveda for Dogs

Goddess Rituals

Wellbeing Workshops

Face Yoga

Sacred Sound Baths




5 day Chopra Center Perfect Health Lifestyle courses

Weekend Workshops

1-1 Consultations/Mentoring

Ayurvedic Consultations

Tailored, personalised courses

Weekly/Monthly 1-1 sessions

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