I will soothe you and heal you, i will bring you roses.  

I  too have been covered with thorns.


My Story

I have always been an intuitive soul, or 'a quirky little thing' as people 
used to call me when i was young :) 


I was always drawn to touch, sound, and divine aromas,
and fell into holistic healing at a very young age.

In 2005 my holistic healing journey took an inward turn... after 10 years of
in the holistic/beauty field i opened the doors to my therapy and beauty centre, at the same time i also opened the doors to a new level
of that dreaded thing
 we call stress!    

Queue my quest into a deeper understanding of energy,

it's magic, it's medicine, it's life force.


Although working with energy on a daily basis with myself and others,
this was a quest for something more... something more healing, more transformational, more balancing.

Along the way, I found myself quite randomly at
The Chopra Center in California..
well i say randomly if we are being logical ;)


However i have always followed the Mantra of

'Lead with the heart and the mind will follow'   

and it has always served me well :)

I found myself on the path of becoming a Chopra Center Vedic Master:

a teacher (or as i prefer to say a guide) of
Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic Lifestyle.

I have been blessed to have been sharing these ancient teachings for the
past few years.


Shakti Ma came a little later...

My beautiful Soul Sister, Earth Friend, Teacher and fellow Light Worker,
Yog Sundari, for whom i will be forever grateful for, saw the light of Shakti Ma
within me, and so the next part of my journey unfolds.....

A sacred contract to myself to BE my true,
authentic self and the best version of me.



SHAKTI:  creative, divine, powerful, feminine 

MA: the great mother, protector, healer of the heart

And so this next chapter of my life on this Earth begins, ever evolving,
ever transforming.

As i grow, those around me grow, as those around me grow, in turn i grow,
this circle of love, light and joy, is a 
beautiful thing to behold.

It is my honour to be of service, to help ignite this circle, to hold the circle, 
 and to heal, to heal The Great Mother, Earth, Gaia, 

starting with myself and all living 


“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts,
words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness
and to that freedom for all.”

Sat Nam, Namaste, Love and Blessings

Shakti Ma x

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