Deep Peace...

Pinda Swedna ~ Hot Compress Massage


Deep peace is yours with this blissful, pummelling massage with hot herbal compresses.
This experience revives, rejuvenates, de-stresses, detoxifies and does sooo much more.


Think heat, think rhythmic, think chill out, think total body MOT and overall wellbeing.

Your journey starts with an in depth Ayurvedic consultation to identify your current 'dosha' (mind/body imbalance)
so i can zone in, making this treatment perfect just for you. Everything is customised: the music, the temperature,
the aromas, the pressure, the pace, the oils and the overall specified result intention.


This is not just a herbal compress massage this is soooo much more then that!


With Ayurvedic massages your mind and body are brought into balance and you will feel relaxed yet energised
at the same time, kind of like a ready to take on the world but in a calm, relaxed manner.


When taken as part of a course they are very transformational and healing as they can release stored emotional
toxins as well as physical toxins. The hot herbal compresses are the very best in therapeutic herbs which are crushed
and then tied in a muslin cloth before being drenched in hot dosha oil before being pummelled into the skin.
I customise the treatment and work on the full body which stimulates many 'marma' (energy points) to release stagnant energy so you feel OMazing.


This is also brilliant for tension, sore muscles and joints too. It is a stimulating massage so its fantastic for
sports enthusiasts and those that want to detox and revive the body. Think of it like a yoga session without the yoga!


Benefits include: complete relaxation, improved circulation, strengthened immunity, suppleness in joints, reduced
stress on the body and in the mind, and you and your skin will feel renewed, hydated and alive.


Team this with Udvartana (Ooo-d-var-tana) - 100% detoxing exfoliation massage for THEE most amazing,
rejuvenating treatment around.


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