(shi-ro-bee-yanga) Head and Neck Massage


This twist on an ancient Ayurvedic head and neck massage is amazing for grounding and rebalancing your
mind, body and soul. Your experience begins with an in-depth Ayurvedic consultation to identify your current ‘doshic’ (mind/body type) imbalance and how your treatment will be customised just for you.


Your journey starts with hot nourishing ‘dosha’ oil slowly poured on to the top of your head and crown chakra
to make your tensions melt away.  Relax and unwind as you receive a blissful massage to your ‘marma’ (energy points)
on your face and scalp which releases stagnant energy and allows fresh ‘prana’ - energy to flow, to energise
and rebalance your mind and body.  A deep therapeutic scalp massage is then carried out to nourish your hair,
relieve migraines and head strain whilst revitalising your soul.


Drift into zzzz land whilst you embark on the journey of a deep tissue shoulder and arm massage to
reduce tension, stress and detoxify ‘ama’ (stored toxins) in the body that have build up from past emotional,
physical and mental stress and lifestyle.


Ayurvedic massages are extremely rebalancing, rejuvenating and releasing.Tridosha oils are
of the highest quality and contain essential oils, aromas and traditional herbs to allow your mind and body
to totally surrender and relax whilst enhancing your overall wellbeing.


Warning: maybe become addictive!


Excellent for: Migraines, headache, eye strain, anxiety, insomnia, nervous disorders, neck, shoulder,
upper back, arm strain, fatigue, low energy and mood, general feeling of out of sorts.



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