Ayurvedic Perfect Health Lifestyle

5 Sessions  |   £375.00

Deepak Chopra's Perfect Health Course.

5 weekly sessions of learning the ancient art of Ayurvedic lifestyle
to create harmony within the mind body 
and soul.


A Taster of what is included:


Who are you?   

What is your innate 'Dosha" Mind/Body type

Balance Dis-ease before it reaches Disease

Food is Medicine ~ the 6 tastes of Ayurveda

How to DIGEST life

Live in harmony with nature

How to get Restful Sleep

Daily Routine for Perfect Health

Exercise plan for your Dosha

Emotional Freedom - How to communicate consciously 
to get your needs met, feel happy, free and joyful!

Unlock the healing power of your 5 senses 

and much much more!

Location & Contact Details

E-mail: yogishaktima@gmail.com

Location: Taizen Skin Therapy Centre/Skype

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Ayurvedic Perfect Health Lifestyle

5 Sessions |   £375



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