Are you ready to fly?

“Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly” Well.... YES AND NO! ....

YES!... sometimes all we need is a little encouragement to know WE ARE ENOUGH and that we have the RIGHT to shine bright and fly. 🌟

Sometimes it’s even just a case of SURRENDERING, TRUSTING and LEAPING. 💓

HOWEVER.... often we have broken wings... lets face it, life can be challenging at times: it can make us feel helpless, overworked and overwhelmed and what is needed at that time is ZERO FLYING! .... ❌

Not right at that moment.. be gentle, rest, recuperate... 📣a flower does not bloom all year round, the sun does not shine 24/7. 📣

ITS OK to rest and take some self care.... and you know what happens when you do?

Ooh you don’t just fly, you soar! 💖💖

Your wings become so magnificent that those around you soar too.🌟✨

So.... get ready to fly..

✅ CHECK IN: what do you need to fly?

Encouragement, trust, letting go of what weighs you down, breaking the chains and bounds of fear that crush your wings? Realising for the first time that you have wings and you are worthy, worth it, and yes you have the right to use them; for you, no one else... or is it time for some self care? just accepting that it is ok not to do do do and take some time to BE...

Tune in ... LISTEN... what is your mind, body, heart and soul telling you?

When your ready.... come fly with me 🌟

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