Be the Light

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

🌟✨💫The light.💫✨⭐️

Never apologise for your light, that radiant, pure light, the essence of who you really are, your soul. Light it up.

Others may flock to your light - let them - let them bask in your light for as long as they need to, let your light shine so bright it will ignite theirs and they too will radiate. Let your light be a ripple effect for others to step into their own power, their own light.

Be the light. 💫🌟✨

When people try to take or diminish your light - muster the strength to shine brighter - they are the ones that need it the most - out of deep rooted fears they are unsure of something so bright - just like you once were - remember, be humble, stay strong and shine like you have never done so before - be that positive force, that power of energy and let it smash their dark walls.

Be the light. 💫🌟✨

Trust that eventually they too will see the light, maybe not reflected in yours, maybe not in this lifetime but one day - be the light anyway.

If people hurl abuse, anger, are passive aggressive, are manipulative, play the victim what ever it is to take your light - shine anyway.

Be the light. 💫🌟✨

On the days your feel dim, stoke up your inner fire by surrounding yourself with others who shine as brightly as you know you can for that is all that you are - light.

When stuff gets in the way, dramas, tasks, when buttons are pushed and you want to retreat or burst into flames - stay strong - find someone who has so much light you can soothe and bathe in theirs for a little while. For they too are the light.

When grief hits and it's time to embrace the darkness for a time, know that in you, surrounding you, supporting you there is light, ready to be lit once more, for that is all that you are.

When you see, feel, hear, taste, smell darkness, know that your light is stronger, it is there constantly with you - be the light. 💫🌟✨

When it is time for you to move on, from whatever path no longer serves you, be it relationships, careers, life lessons, know you are the light, breathe it in and let it guide you.

When it is time for the big let go of life itself know you are light and will return to it in whatever form you choose.

Be the light. 💫🌟✨

When you stand in your true light you become more and more you, embrace it. Shine so bright it's all people see. Your light gives others the strength to heal their darkness and in return become the light for others.

This is the circle of light.

With light, comes authenticity, compassion, truth, healing, life.

Be the light. 💫🌟✨

Be the light and love will folllow you 🙏🏼🌟💚

Shakti Ma x

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