Dance ...

I wanted to write something meaningful to celebrate this day for woman.

I wanted to acknowledge those who have gone before us, the lessons they have shared both painful and joyful.

I wanted to write how when we sit in circle together magic happens, how when we support and collaborate with each other we heal rather than tear each other down to bare each other’s insecurities and vulnerabilities.

I wanted to share how when we heal ourselves, we heal the past generations of woman so in turn as one sister heals and rises we all do.

I wanted to tag all the beautiful, strong, inspirational woman I know and then realised it’s every woman reading this - for what I see in myself is the mirror of you standing before me.

I wanted to share how it’s ok to be broken and walk with an injured wound, as the sisters that surround you will help carry your burden until you are ready to heal.

I wanted to share that this day that acknowledges woman should also be about celebrating the feminine within so this also applies to men, for without the balance of both masculine and feminine within us all there is no balance and harmony within us, so no harmony will be reflected in the world around us.

In the end Rumi says it best.... Dance, dance for yourself, for your ancestors, let your feet make music on mumma earth, dance to bring in joy, dance together, dance in bliss. Shakti Ma


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