The bleakness, the rawness the all consuming weight of suffocation.

Scrambling, searching, out of focus, lost.

The fear that builds, it takes over, like a heavy cloud it bears down and takes its seat, it gets comfy, you get comfy, this feels like home.

Familiarity sets in, this is how it should be, isn’t it? Is this real?

Then we remember, slowly we listen, it’s starts with the faint sound of our heartbeat, like the drum of Mother Earth we remember.

We remember our roots, we close our eyes and the visions take us back, visions? soul memories?

Painted faces, fire, earthly sounds, smoke, medicine sounds, tribes dancing at night.

We start to remember.

Temples, the swinging hand of incense, red robes, symbols, prayers.

We start to feel.

Wild hair, herbs, the mirror under the moon, the skyclad dancing,the whispers to the flame that lights the candles.

We start to breathe.

The loud pounding sound of the womb every time our eyes close.

We start to waken.

Running in a pack, hot breath on our fur, the feel of adrenaline, the thrill of the chase.

We start to move.

The naked flesh against another, cries of ecstasy, the captured look between eyes, the window, the gateway to our souls.

We have awoken.

We remember, we remember we have been here before, we have already learnt the lessons of the soul, the lessons of the heart, we know all the medicine lies within.

We remember how to heal, we remember what our ancestors taught us, deep in our cells it has awoken.

The darkness is not to be feared it is a gift, it is the way of the shamans, the wise woman, the witches, the sages.

Embrace the darkness when it falls.

Surrender to it fully.

Remember who you are.

Remember your roots.


Reclaim who you are.

Rewild - no fears, no chains, no apologies.

Welcome home.

Shakti Ma x

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