Death, are you there?

An unusual post for me, I keep things real, sometimes a little deep, but normally posts are either thought provoking, inspiring, happy and fun.

I share a lot, maybe too much, but hey that's me. 🤓

I have had the following 'post' or 'thoughts to share' for a short while now, it never seemed the right time, today for some reason it does.

Maybe somebody needs this I'm unsure but I'm sharing.

It's a 'real' post, a post that can be seen as upsetting, depressing or for those that need it a release and maybe of some comfort.💜

I wrote the following poem the day my uncle passed. He had a challenging life and it was his time. The night before hand I went to see him and I'm grateful of the time we had.

The next day it was his time to leave this earth, I went to see his physical body, he was at peace, I held him and even softly chanted/sang to him, it felt right.

That night I wrote the following and it seems right to share for those that need it.

I also read at his funeral (a different poem) it was a bittersweet experience.

Obviously a very sad time but to be able to be of service, even as simple as reading a poem for him and my family was a memory I will hold dear, always.

I am this posting for 3 reasons

1. To remind us not to fear death, as scary as it can be, if we continually live in fear we will make our selves unwell with the shear stress of it and not enjoy life to its fullest.

2. As a reminder to us all to spend time with your loved ones, tell them you love them, never take this for granted.

3. Not wanting to share anything too private or too close seemed wrong when it could be of comfort to even one person 💜

So here it is, hopefully it will help someone. 🙏🏼💖

Death, are you there?

Can you hear me?

Do you come when called?

Do you sense when you are needed whether it be as friend or foe?

Are you really the enemy? or the awakener of souls?

Can you keep our loved ones safe and help heal their woes?

With a graceful touch can you deliver peace and relief?

Can you carry our loved ones souls safely without being a thief?

Can you deliver their souls to loved ones already past?

And leave humbly so they can be at peace at last

Death let us be grateful for your divine timing

Touching those who are ready and need no inviting

Let us all view you without any anger or fear

As our journeys are mapped and you are always so near

Let us learn to be ready for you, the big let go

And live to our fullest expressions so we radiate and glow

Death, our awakener let us see you as our guide

When ready, we can take your hand embracing the next ride

For life is eternal, a cycle of time

Let us live our purpose in alignment with the divine

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