Deep Peace. Strong Mind. Calm Heart

Deep peace. Calm mind. Strong heart.

In a world of chaos be still.

In a world of turbulence stay true.

In a world of noise stay strong.

In the darkest of storms you can find deep peace..... if you allow it.

Things don’t happen to you, they happen through you.

When your physically strong, grounded and rooted to the earth you will be stable.

When your mentally calm, you don’t hear or react to the noise.

When your emotionally full and in tune with the flow around, you just know, with this knowing comes great peace and love.

When you feel spiritually connected you trust, fully and unconditionally.

When all are in harmony, you become the rock.

You begin to view things as happening through you and not too you.. you are the rock, that ‘thing’ becomes a wave that moves through you, around you but not too you.

Some waves can be more turbulent than others, sometimes it can even move the rock.

But when you are full, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually things just happen through you.

Whether things arise or not, the outcome is the same... you are the rock, grounded, stable, calm, strong, anything that happens through you simply washes away.

Be heart led not head led with all living beings, lessons and situations and you will find your way.

Shakti Ma x

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