Earth Day

Are we finally allowing mama earth to breath?

Can you feel her call, her resonate hummmmm now there’s more silence?

Can you see the beauty of her love in the artwork she provides for you now you have stopped? 🌸🌼

Can you feel her heartbeat in your palms when planting your food?

Can you feel her gratitude when you walk with grace and respect on her skin? 👣

Can you see that maybe the virus all along has been us and that now our mother is healing and breathing? That her mountainess lungs are clear with pure air, 🏔

Do you SEA that her internal waters are cleansed? 🌊 🐬

That her fires are tamed and controlled. 🔥

That the arch where father sky meets and kisses Mother Earth during sunset and sunrise is more vibrant. 🌈

On this Earth Day will you still numb yourself by continually plugging in to external manmade devices designed to control how you feel, tell your what to consume, to speak to your subconscious and tell you what the ‘norm’ is. 🧟‍♀️

Or will you take a moment to plug into Mother Earth, to look, see, listen and feel? ✨✨

This maybe one of the biggest chances we have to really take stock of what we are doing individually and collectivity.

Maybe this is the Earth Day that we Re-member, and we become more like pollinating bees grateful for the nectar provided than hungry driven locusts needlessly grasping and consuming. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

#earthday #re-member

Shakti Ma

Artist: Lisete Alcalde

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