🌟✨Emergence ✨🌟

It’s time to emerge.

Emerge from the cave of darkness, the long winter night, the dark night, the night that seems to spans days, months, what often seems like the dark night of our soul.

As the year comes to a close and Winter Solstice is upon us, the light beckons.

We cannot have light without the darkness, we can not shine bright without casting a shadow, we cannot be the light without knowing the darkness, our darkness.

This time of year it’s a time of retreat, reflection, a journey of the soul, a quest to the depths of our inner being.

When we retreat and look within rather than look out we find deeper truths, uncover more deep rooted beliefs, we know ourself even more, we grow ourself even more.

Our darkest days can be our brightest lessons if we only accept them, acknowledge them and show them gratitude for their teachings.

From the emergence comes more shedding of layers, more lightness of being, we are more connected to our truths, more connected to source.

The sun has never looked so bright, taking a step forward and face toward the sun, the warmth and strength radiates each cell of our being, it’s a calling to emerge.

It’s time to embrace the coming of a new dawn, a new horizon, a new sunrise.

It’s time to look back and embrace what the darkness taught us, we cannot be whole without the embrace of both our light and our shadow.

Our souls know and honour this time of reflection, deep enquiry, this time of vision questing of the soul.

In our modern world we often don’t have the time to stop and listen to the lessons, to honour our true cycles of nature, we think we must bloom 24/7 and if we don’t continually bloom and shine we think there is something wrong.

We need to stop thinking that feeling raw, vulnerable, triggered is wrong, these feelings are just that, feelings. If we only sit with them long enough and truly feel them and feel in to them will we know what they are trying to teach us.

Sit with your shadow, who are you?

✨Really, who are you?

✨Who are you in your full glory? In your full magnificence?

✨Who are you in the depths of your shadow? In your darkest corners?

Embrace all your truths, embrace your whole. ✨🌟

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