ENOUGH Already!

This week see’s a new 40 day affirmation 💓

✨✨I. AM. ENOUGH ✨✨

So often we compare ourselves to others, or to a past version of ourselves... you know the one... that one day you had all your s*%t together and were on fire! 🙄☺️

Well it’s time to be gentle with yourself, every day, every second.💓

We simply cannot be in full bloom every second of every day and this is ok .... hormones, lifestyle, stress, Moon energies you name it, it can have a serious affect on us.🤪

It’s time to recognise this and realise at a core level ✨ I AM ENOUGH ✨

📣 Affirmations can be powerful tools... our cells are listening .... how you talk to yourCELLf is sooo important!📣

Join us ...🤗🙏🏼

🌟 40 days... 🌟 3 times in the mirror (look deep into your eyes, your soul) 🌟I AM ENOUGH

If your day becomes challenging...

S top T hink ✨I AM ENOUGH✨ O bserve P roceed with love and kindness

40 days... who’s in?

💓🌎 Today world: ✨I am enough ✨

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