💓 Friendships or Gain ships 💓

When you are used for your connections and networks for selfish career gain by ‘friends’.

Stay strong and re-evaluate your circle, stay close to those who love you for what you are and not for what you have or can give.

When you are stalked for your knowledge and insight to see it used for someone’s own ego and power.

Re-evaluate how openly you share and with whom. Never stop from sharing and caring but share with those who have your back.

When you are used for your generosity for those who wish to take advantage. Re-evaluate your boundaries, enforce them but never let it make you hard, stay compassionate.

When you are used for your creativity and innovation without being given credit. Take note who asks the questions and why, no need for judgment or having an untrusting heart but be a playful curious witness.

When you are used and emotionally manipulated into giving, helping and sharing. Take stock of what is being mutually and respectfully exchanged and what is been taken for pure greed. Never stop being vulnerable and loving but ask yourself is this relationship heartfelt and genuine, your heart never lies.

When you are used as an ear to hear vented gossip rather than hearing someone’s triggers and hurts.

Be aware that you will also be a source of gossip, for this walk, skip, run, dance as far away as you can.

When you are dumped as you are no longer a source of gain.

Keep your chin up, learn the lesson and stay close to those that stand by you.

When you see drama, fake-ness and inauthenticity in all its glory.

Don’t engage, move on with a happy skip and jazz hands towards those that are real and comfortable in their own skin. Those that are accepting of themselves they will be accepting of others.

When you are trying to be ‘convinced’ into anything: a way, belief, path, situation. Look at the person who is trying to control you to satisfy their own needs and insecurities, stay open hearted and respectfully follow your own path.

When you see through what others can’t, or don’t want to as they don’t want to lose their own gains in relationships.

Stay true to yourself, your inner guide, your heart. Be grateful for the inner wisdom and stay connected to those that truly matter.

Remember you are worth more than your connections, knowledge, ideas, service and what you have to give.

💓Stay close to those who would love you if they had nothing to gain from you💓

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