From the Highest Sun..

From the highest sun, to the deeply planted seeds we walk.

Do we take the time to see, feel, be?

Do we honour what has come before us, to nurture and nourish us?

Mother Earth, Gaia for all that she is - powerful, strong, protector, a giver of life.

To the energy that surrounds us in all living beings, do we recognise we are one?

Do we see ourselves in the bee that needs help, to the early morning birds that are singing their song of gratitude ... wake up it’s a new day to live and love!

Are we truly kind to all who walk amongst us in life, can we honour and bless those around us with love, time, acceptance.

On the day when we are blessed with the calling of summer, take a moment, smell the roses, breathe in the sky, wish on that cloud, let your bare feet caress the earth. Be thankful for all that we have, all that we are and all that we will be.

A deep gratitude for Mother Earth and Father Sun that’s shines upon us, lighting our way, illuminating our path and providing us with courage and strength to fulfil our destiny.

Happy Summer Solstice Blessings

Shakti Ma


Artist: Unknown

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