💜 Gifting 💜

The actual ‘gift’ is not the gift itself but in the actual gifting - the act of giving and receiving💓

I’ve been blessed to have been gifted things I could never repay and I also have been the giver of gifts on what someone could never repay - and I’m not just taking about monetary value - sometimes things are so much more valuable than the amount of notes stacked or digits in the bank.

I’ve gifted from my heart to see it appreciated and then become a ripple of continued kindness, I’ve also gifted from my heart to see it be de-valued so the beautiful ‘gift’ then becomes a lesson in self worth.

I’ve gifted from a place of wanting to serve, I’ve gifted from a place of love and also gifted from a place of sympathy - sooo many emotional lessons gifted within this for all parties.

I’ve been gifted from a place of love, I’ve been gifted from a place of support and I have also received gifts that have come with expectation and underlying control (i.e I will give you this but), so then the lesson becomes one of awareness and witnessing - a true gift!

I’ve been gifted things that have brought me to my knees - so then the true gift has been the recognition of not just self worth but that of the uncomfortable feeling of receiving - a deep lesson in value of the self.

The deep recognition that it’s easier to give than receive - that leads to a beautiful deep gift of insight into our own soul.🥰

However we give and however we receive ‘gifts’ the gift is never just in the gift itself.

And what a beautiful gift that is.💓💓

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