So yesterday was mental health awareness day... while this is amazing that we are drawing attention to it 🤘🏻🙌🏼 EVERYDAY should be health awareness day, not just mental awareness... emotional awareness, physically health, ‘Soul’ health ... what can also be referred to as harmony. 💜

One affects the other, the mind, body, soul are all connected, disconnect from one and then there is imbalance in another, a discord, disharmony.

Sure we all have ‘bad’ or ‘off’ days (side note: calling something negative when we just need to rest and restore and are in need of self care is another issue to our health - we simply cannot bloom 24/7 and feeling guilty for that exasperates the ‘problem).

When the ‘bad/off’ days arrive we need to pay attention, when they stay a while we need to really pay attention ... where is the imbalance...


we often give more thought to others then ourselves - we simply cannot take care of others if we are running on empty. We distract ourselves, numb ourselves as we don’t want to burden others with our thoughts or even listen to them ourselves.

Talk, share , reach out... if you have no one in your circle to talk to call a helpline, speak to a therapist - this is NOT a weakness... for some reason in the UK many people still see therapists as a weakness ... a therapist is an impartial person who can listen, we ALL need a person we can talk to, be heard and be seen, it is NOT a weakness.

If you are sharing within your circle of family and friends, ask them to listen and not fix the ‘problem’ often we just want to talk it out and not have it solved for us, but tell them that, no one is a mind reader and often this leads to feelings frustration and irritation and of ‘why bother’ and so the disharmony and disconnection continues.

It’s uncomfortable to get cosy with our ‘issues’ and emotions, mainly because we haven being taught how to deal with them, give them attention, by pushing them down they will only resurface even bigger, and usually when you least expect it.

When we swallow and store our emotions they become issues in our tissues which leads us to


Why do we take more care of our material toys (our car, our home, our phone etc) than the most important vechicle there is .. our physical body!

Eat well - sure there are times when we binge eat and as it type this I have had a few days of eating beige food - a damn cheek to even discuss nutrition but its the awareness of it that is priority.

When we have a disconnection from food that nourishes our body, we need to ask why? Why are we self sabotaging? Why are we grabbing, why are we addicted?, why are we spending more on our material toys than our material body? Why are we not giving ourselves the time and care we deserve?

Nature provides us with an abundance of minerals and vitamins for a reason - health.

Companies provides us with an abundance of plastic food for a reason - wealth.

Hydrate - dehydration leads to lack of focus and ‘fog brain’ hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Move - move the fascia (mind/body connector), shift the issues from your tissues, get oxygen into your lungs, breathe, get the blood flowing, Prana/chi moving, the gut moving, the bowels moving, start to eliminate the crap from your body with movement.

Don’t want to feel like crap? Then eliminate the crap.

If you aren’t up for full exercise, start small, a few simple stretches in bed before you get up can be the start of a big change - baby steps.

Touch - the power of touch is so important, hug people, get a massage, give a massage, hold a hand.


Here we are taking about what lights you up? What is it that makes your heart skip and your soul sing?

What makes you happy?

We readily attach happiness externally - to the 3 P’s : people, positions, possessions ... all these will go at some point so what are you left with? .... let it sink in a moment... yep exactly #truthbomb

When we find happiness internally the above 👆🏻becomes a Brucey bonus.

Internal happiness comes from many things ...

It’s being grateful for the smallest of things ... comparison, leads to greed and jealousy, not exactly the most postive of emotions.

It’s about taking time to get to know yourself, when you know yourself, you know your truths, you can become comfortable with who you are and take this out into the world without a mask - BEing you all time, no show or facade.

It’s about being in tune with nature - we are made of the 5 elements, we are nature and we need to BE in her daily - not DO - BE, walking down the street whilst on your phone, ain’t BEing in nature.

It’s about self care- giving yourself time for you without guilt, it’s about nourishment - taking an Epsom salt bath, lighting a candle, reading a book etc.

For true HARMONY 💜

- Uncharge from the devices that numb us and take charge - ask yourself q’s, what do you want? get clarity and focus.

- Access stillness and silence, learn meditation or mindfulness - learn to stop, BE and be aware of your patterns so you can take ownership and change them when you feel ready to do so.

- Share, reach out, talk.

- Nourish your body, eat well, hydrate.

- Move, breathe, feel, touch.

- Be grateful, there is always, ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

- Start to ask what lights your soul up, journal on it, try new hobbies, play!

💜See everyday as health awareness day💜

Shakti Ma

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