Healing by the Full Moon

Are you called to take some time for you? To recharge? To let go? To just BE?

Listen to the whisperings of your body, your heart, your soul..... 🌟

Within this Saturn full moon challenges may arise, deep, hidden feelings that are ready to resurface, if they are bubbling up, it is time....YOU are ready to release these, you know this.... 💖

Surrender to the feelings, sit with them, what can they teach you? ... Listen. 💓

To heal and transition gently like a butterfly from a cocoon .... move.. move your body, dance, get on your yoga mat. 💃🏻🧘🏻‍♀️

Sing, chant, breathe... use the breath to release.

Book a massage... there’s no need to suffer.. release the issues from your tissues! 💆🏼‍♀️

Moon gaze or moon bathe... soak up the healing energies. 🌕✨

Set your intentions... like a bow and arrow, aim high... release what no longer serves you. 🏹⚡

Most of all be gentle with yourself. 💓With love Shakti Ma 🙏🏼💜✨

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