Hearing the Call of the Drum

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

This beauty will be arriving with me shortly, and like an excited child I could not wait to share 🤗✨

This is ‘my’ drum, this is the story of ‘my’ drum 💓

It’s been calling me for about 3 years but it was never the right time, mainly because I didn’t want an animal skin drum, everytime I went to look at alternatives something got in the way and it was never ‘right’.

I know deep down it’s the medicine from the animal that is the healing part of the drum, however I could not bring myself to go there.

The calls kept getter louder, they say a drum calls you, you answer... I didn’t ha! I just kept buying other instruments 🤣

Then one night a vision so clear, bright and with such deep meaning was there everytime I closed my eyes , I couldn’t sleep, usually I would write visions and dreams down but my boys were sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb them, the next morning as I walked the fields with the dog I got irate, an interesting feeling as it came over all of a sudden, it was like something was in me and needed to get out and fast, it was the vision of my drum, it couldn’t wait, it wanted to be birthed and fast.

As synchronicity would have it I had a call with a dear soul who would end up painting this vision for me on a drum.💓💓

So here it is, beautiful, sacred art by the amazing Dorrie Joy 💜.

Below is the meaning of my drum, I say my but this has been birthed for others... the message so clear “ to break down the walls of fear, to strip bare the truth, to inspire and empower, in essence to rewild to our truest self”. So how could I say no to that!

This is not a post about animal skin, so please don’t make it that way. In the making of this drum it has only been made with the utmost of respect, love and honour of life. I hope when my physical body moves on my parts can be of some use to another in the circle of life and cared for and respected as this has.💓

So my drum and my vision:✨

Full moon, bright, bold, radiant... letting go of what no longer serves us, forging the way with its illuminating light. 🌕🌟

My spirit Animal, black wolf, I’ve never seen his eyes, I sense they are amber but I feel him at my right side, his breath, his fur, howling his song on the wind to the moon. He is there with me often, he often shows himself in my poetry too. 🐺

His fur mingles with the wild woman that represents who this drum is for... every woman wanting to rise. The drum is very clear... it is to empower woman, it is to break their chains of fear and bounds, it is to beat like their heartbeat in recognition so they remember who they are, they remember, they rise, they rewild. They own their power. 🔥

She is all the goddesses, she is the sage, she is the wild woman, she is the crone, she is the witch, she is the essence of Shakti Ma and all she stands for.

I see her face clearly, fire reflected in her eyes with a wise soul and a youthful gentle heart. Her hair merges with the wolf’s fur, their breath entwined whispering songs on the wind, they are one.💓

She has a white feather with one red stripe in it, this is not clear to me yet what this represents but I know in time it will show itself.

She carry’s a blade, she is the truth slayer. Her hair flows in the wind, face to the sky, she is fierce and wild, she is the empoweress. 🔥🤘🏻🌟

She has been speaking to me through words and poetry, it was time to allow her to come through .

This is the right side of the drum, this was so important in my vision... I believe because in facing those who see the drum it is their masculine side, and I would be beating too with my right hand.

To the left facing side of the drum is stars, a mini galaxy, the vision was clear NOT BLUE, later I would be told Dorrie rarely or never uses blue! 😱

The stars represent space, pure potentially and the Akashic soul records, the guardians of the sky and our ancestors before us, watching, guiding, weaving their lessons through us. 🌌

Below the stars is mamma earth, our great mother, the trees, the earth, the forest. She holds the secrets, she is the keeper of our medicine, she is home. 🌲

Above is 3 Cravens, not quite a crow and not quite a raven... Within the power of 3 they stand for truth, wisdom and understanding as well as the past, present and future, the 3 doshas, the 3 gunas and above all, Body, Mind and Spirit. 🦅

What binds the drum together is the element of water, the last of the 5 elements in the drum, the flow of life, our reflection, our mirror, reminding us to surrender fully and go with the flow of life. 🌊

There are leaves to remind us that like nature it can beautiful to let things fall away when needed. 🍁

The embers and fire represent our inner passion, joy, and the ability to transform. 🔥

The essence of the drum...

Remember, Root, Rise, Rewild. 🤘🏻✨

Please please check out Dorries work (link below), she is just thee most beautiful soul with a gift to match.

Dorrie thank you 🙏🏼💜💓😘

Amendment.. Since this beauty arrived (and she is beyond beautiful), it has become clear to me that the feather represents ancestral healing. I have sat with her and come to know most of her patterns... i have noticed that there are 3 shapeshifters, a bear, lion and and old Tibetan Terrier in the trees. I look forward to what more magic she brings forth :) x

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