🧦 Holey Ole Sock 🧦

💓 🧦 Loving your holey old sock 🧦💓

Life as laundry...

What if your journey of life is like laundry... your incubation, cyclic nature starts within the tub, tumbling, rotating in the familiar, turning almost soothing like darkness. 🌌

Then suddenly the doors of life open, and whoosh your welcomed into the world like a warm bundle of fresh laundry.

What if you carry these layers of laundry around with you for your full life time, they soak into your skin in invisible yet comforting layers.

What if your soul purpose is to discover all the layers and strip and discard them with love when they are no longer needed. 💓💓

Some piles of laundry go into the laundry bin, ready to be washed and recycled into a similar layer or ‘lesson’ that we haven’t quite learnt fully at our core or we are not quite ready to part with as this is our story, our identity, our comfort blanket.

What if when we go through our life we out grow many layers never seeing them again - often reflecting back - hmm I never did quite liked like that shirt. 👔👋🏼

When we realise that it feels uncomfortable on our skin to wear someone else’s laundry as it will never be a true soul fit as it will always have someone else’s name on it. 🏷

Then there’s the old holey sock, that you cannot seem to shake off, it tests you, pokes you, almost laughing at you, every time you think you’ve discarded it, up it pops with a cheery hello. 👋🏼🧦🤣

What if our whole life is about discovering who we are underneath all the laundry and that true moksha, freedom and liberation are when we are comfortable in our own skin - naked without a stitch on for all to see. 🌈🌟

When we no longer need our laundry, our layers, our comforters. When the masks of make up and shiny adornments we pick up along the way are passed on to make others feel comforted for a while. 🦋🦋

What if we learn to love the holey old sock in all it’s faded ways and mix matched shapes.

What if you find someone who is also laundry free but happy with their old holey sock and you pair up and walk a road together for a while, not to complete each other but to stand side by side walking many chapters of your life together - with happy feet. 🦶🦶

What if when you are no longer able to walk the path and carry your laundry, the old familiar darkness of the tub calls you and wraps you lovingly with a blanket that caresses your skin and feels like home. 🌌

When it’s time for another cycle of cleansing and recycling for another time on this earth with less or different laundry to carry. 🚿

What if life is about discovering who you are under all the layers, without all the cloaks, without any accessories to make you ‘shine’ when you can navigate the tumbles and the cycles of the washing machine tub and surrender to the flow of the water. 🌊

When you dance bare foot holding without attachment your holey old sock for all to see. 💃🏻🌟✨

Are you happy with your old holey sock? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Shakti Ma 🙏🏼💜

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