How to feel a light YOU, by doing Vastu

To create an amazing energy in a space i love to use VASTU or FENG SHUI.

They are similar in the aspect of creating a beautiful space using energy.  There are however many differences between the two systems but the main similarity is both systems are based on the knowledge of the flow of Universal energy. In the Chinese system it is called Chi, in Indian tradition Prana.

Being an Ayurveda girl at heart i bring in some of the Vedic aspects into my ‘ritual’ of energy/space clearing.

Space Clearing/Smudging:

cleanses the house/spaces of stagnant/negative energy

all natural so ok to burn for animals in the house (just give them space to leave if they want to)

gives a great energy to spaces

for those that offer holistic/healing work it’s great to rid energy in between clients or at the end/start of the day

envokes healing, transformation and positive change


Like everything if you have a blank canvas it’s easy to work from.

STEP 1: Get Squeaky clean

Clean, even better deep clean.  Deep cleaning of a space should be done at least once a year and after any negative event.

*TIP*  i use all natural homemade cleaners in my home, no nasty chemicals for me or my  animals.

STEP 2: Divine Timing

Make sure you have enough time to carry out space clearing, it is no good having pressured or anxiety thoughts about time whilst carrying out this ritual. The idea is that it clears negativity from spaces and brings in positivity. If you really want to pick the best time to do this it is between 11am and 1pm, this is PITTA (Ayurveda) time – detox time! If you want to go the full whammy then sync it with the moon cycle.  In between the full and new moon is good – getting rid of the old ready for the new

STEP 3: Get ready

Collect everything you need.

Maybe its just a smudge stick, maybe you like to use crystals, candles, deities to overcomes obstacles, maybe you have a full alter full of positive items, maybe you like to draw angel/spirit animal cards, do what feels right for you If you are using candles make sure they are non paraffin, ideally clean and charge crystals (wash in cold water, pop on window sill under moonlight – full moon is best).

STEP 4:  Get even cleaner!

Have a good clean yourself, maybe exfoliate, scrub away the old, wear fresh clothes.


STEP 1: Breathe!

I like to be as balanced and calm as i can be.  Personally i listen/chant the Mantra Gobinday Mukunday – its a great Karma clearing mantra.

I then like to meditate and do some pranayam (breathing) to be calm and clear.

STEP 2: Make it beautiful, include the elements

If you like you can set up a beautiful alter to include all 5 Feng Shui Elements:

Candles and Incense = FIRE

Fresh Flowers/Herbs = WOOD

Bowl of water = WATER

Singing Bowl/Bells = METAL

Crystals = EARTH

STEP 3:  Set your intentions

Turn on some music, there is loads on the internet, just type in Feng Shui Cleansing music or the Gayatri Mantra is a beautiful mantra for cleaning/cleansing.

Place a lit candle in the room/space you are clearing. Take a moment to be in the space, see if you can connect to the energy, set an intention for that space. Open a window


STEP 1: The sound of Silence!

Turn off electricals and music.

STEP 2: Bring Dark to Light

If you feel there is a particularly dark or damp looking/feeling space you can put rock salt in this area – either direct in the space or in a bowl.

STEP 3: Get a clapping

Starting from the door, move clockwise and Clap into each corner, starting low and going as high as you can, this starts to move stagnant energy. Wash your hands in cold water.

STEP 4: Smudge and Purify

Light your smudge stick: make sure you have a plate or bowl underneath, traditionally a shell was used. Gently blow out your stick. The goal with smudging is not to have flames but smoke. It is the smoke that purifies and cleanses.

Follow the same pathway as you did for clapping, if you like to work with essential oils (be mindful of animals) you can also use them in the space (mainly corners) at the same time as smudging. Frankincense, Sandalwood, Nag Champa, Lavender, Mint, Lemongrass are good. Make sure to spend time in corners, if you are a Reiki practitioner you can add in your symbols too.

STEP 5:  Ring that bell!

Use sound vibration, tibetan singing bowls, bells, tuning folks, whatever you choose.

Use the sound in each corner of the room in a clockwise motion, you can spend as long as you feel you need to here. On your last ‘ring’ infuse the space with good thoughts, intentions and positive energy.

STEP 5: Just BE

Just BE for a moment, or five or ten. Make yourself a brew and just let the incense and candles do their magic. Return on the music of you would like too.

STEP 6: Clean Up

When you are ready, blow out the candles, clean up the salt*

Job well done! For really unpleasant spaces you can leave the salt down for 24 hours

before cleaning it up.

STEP 7: Enjoy

Enjoy your clean, positive, light space until you feel it needs to be done again.

You cannot overdo Feng Shui Clearing. Re – ‘cleanse’ when you feel you need to.

I love creating a positive, light space in my home and in my work.  If the energy that you reside in is right you will feel amazing. When you feel amazing you can manifest, create and BE great things.

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