Burn me, throw me in to the fire, watch me burn.

Watch my skin blister and peel whilst my eyes blaze. Feel my gaze and smile pierce your heart.

You cannot burn my soul, it belongs to no man.

My skin may melt but here I stand, strong like steel and as fierce as the fire you threw me too.

Throw me to the wild, leave me desolate and blind, you cannot break me, my soul knows the way. With my strong spirit and gentle heart I will retreat into the forest to become whole once more.

My mother will heal me, she will cradle me with her branches, she will soothe me with her herbs, she will me mend me with her medicine.

She will weep, but I will rise, my roots stronger and mightier than ever.

Throw me to the wolves and watch them embrace me. They sense my spirit and know my heart as it beats as one with theirs. Together we will pound the earth barefoot in fearless pursuit calling out in primal howls, hear I am.

Drown me and I will resurface like a magnificent monsoon, my soul knows no bounds. With each wave I will crash stronger and more determined than ever, and I will roar with thunder over head, my cry will light up the darkest of skies.

Burn me and you ignite the fire within.


Shakti Ma

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