Is this the beginning or the end?

Is this the end or the beginning?

When faced with the unknown, what is your deepest truth?

Not the external ever changing, ever unknowing truth of what we are currently seeing and hearing but the deepest truth from within.

You know the one, the voice that calls in the quiet, the energy that pulsates in your cells when still, the deep knowing when in contemplation.

In the unknown - cocoon

When there are no distractions left - contemplate

When the quicksand is pulling you down - ground and center

When the fear arises - breathe

When isolation is crushing - listen within

When separation is aching - connect to nature, listen to her wisdom

When all is dissolving around you - navigate the deep truth of who you are at the core - without the labels, identities, masks and roles that you have given yourself in comfort and security.

When you no longer know what path to take - remember that you can always walk in love.

Shakti Ma đź’—

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