Love, Attention and Drama


They go hand in hand, often it’s not even recognisable to us and the patterns and cycles that we get stuck in until wham it slaps us in the face often by a whooping lesson from the universe to say get your shit together.

For the outsider or the by-passer it is as clear as crystal but it’s not our job to fix, it’s not our job to point out, because we too have our own patterns and cycles so who are we to judge.

We have to be the strength, support and steel like boundary where the drama and destruction comes to end. To stand true in truth, whilst radiating love, compassion and understanding as we too have been there and we know it ain’t pretty.

It is not our job to take things personally, if we are triggered by a reflection that is in front of us or see a projection that’s been placed upon us, it’s an ole tap on the shoulder from the universe that more deep self enquiry is needed.

If they scream, shout, stamp their feet, cause the biggest shit storm around and are in self destruction mode, carry on on your own path, if it’s what they need to wake up, grow and learn a soul lesson from then honour their journey and let it unfold for them. (Sidenote, I’m not talking about abuse - this 👆🏻👆🏻 is ‘drama’ in attention seeking mode).

Honour it but set your boundaries, don’t let it invade your space, energy or time, it’s sometimes their only way to ‘see’.

It’s easy to point the finger and judge but we are all in this together, yes, don’t take any shit and often it’s the biggest wake up call we can receive that it’s time to let go of toxic people, but again there is no need to judge (easier said then done I know).

Everything ends and it’s in the beauty of letting go with love and compassion that we create our own karma.

Sometimes parts of us need to fall hard and destruct ourselves and others around until it’s broken beyond repair so we hit rock bottom only to rise. Sometimes the only time we listen to what our souls are telling us is when we hit that bottom and there’s no where else to turn, it’s a call from the soul to say come home.

For some it’s a simple wake up call of reflection for others it’s the drama of vengeance, envy, ego, anger, victimhood, blame, destruction and despair.

That’s ok!

Again don’t judge, drama is a call for attention and love, it’s a story that’s out in the open for all to see, that is screaming look at me, love me.

That’s ok!

No judgment necessary, we all do this at some level or some point, some just scream louder than others.

The key to all this?

NO-ONE can fulfil that need for you until you fill it for yourself.

#truthbomb ...

“We only receive the love we think we deserve”

If we don’t love ourselves then nobody can love us anymore than that.

Let that sink in....

It’s like we set our own level of how we can be loved and that’s where is stays, NO ONE can fill it for you, after the new, shiny, lustful experience is over, guess what? we are still in the same place as before.

Learn self care, learn self love and attract only the love you think you deserve - and that love that you deserve ? - (yes you deserve it), love yourself like no other, when you do, you will be able to understand and reflect back love in all relationships at another level of awareness.

With this comes the letting go of drama, destruction and attention seeking and in place comes love, compassion, empathy and understanding.

We begin to ‘see’ another way, we release toxic people and situations not with fire and vengeance but with love and gratitude for the lessons they have shown and shared with us.

We begin to see that what is standing in front of us is either showing what needs to be healed in ourself. If we are not triggered by it, it is showing us what has been healed within ourselves and that we are ready to let go of that ‘mirror’ and attract people at the vibration that we are at.

Love, drama and attention .... it goes hand in hand.... but only in till we learn the lesson, then it becomes only love.

Shakti Ma x

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