Remember who you are


A new 40 day affirmation 🙏🏼

🌟I Remember 🌟

Remember, before the world told you who you are not, before the labels, the roles we play, the hats we wear, before the should’s and the shouldn’ts

Remember 🌟

Cellular memory... BE mindful how you talk to yourCELF ...

Remember ❤️


💫 Look in the mirror, into your eyes, your soul

💫 Silently or out loud repeat to yourself ‘I Remember’

💫 Do not judge, just be open to what arises

💫If you journal, journal what comes up or share with others to help process

💫 Do it at least once a day (3 times) or if you feel called too 3 times (affirmation 3 times each) - Morning, Lunch, Dinner helps as a reminder 😊

💫 Encourage others to do the same, when we rise it’s a beautiful thing, when we all rise together it’s magnificent 🌟

💫 Handy tip ... use the photo or one that resonates with you as a screen saver for the 40 days as a reminder

💫 Check in regularly on this page for things that may resonate and help you along your journey

💫 Be commited to your personal growth daily - 2 mins is all it takes

💫 Be open, be gentle with yourself

💫 Remember

With love

Shakti Ma 💓

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