🌺 Returning Home to Yourself 🌺

This isn’t about downtime, time off or time out.

This isn’t about forgetting about work, daily chores or the hardships of life.

This is about something more deeper, then the need for rest. It’s a deep listen of the souls call and what it needs to be quenched. It’s hearing the call from deep within, and knowing what is needed to shake off the skin. The skin of the masques and distractions that bind us, and stop us listening deep within so we can understand what will free us. Free us from the stuff we have created to distract, numb or give us happy boosts, To return home to ourselves and finally know ‘us’. To dance the dance of life in pure liberation, No fears, no projections, just pure acceptance. Acceptance that all there is is ‘one’ To know this, we first must come home and return to ‘us’.

Shakti Ma 🌺🙏🏼 ........................................................................ With the New Moon in Scorpio this is a potent time of deep transformation - don’t just take time off to rest, take time to return home. Listen to your body - what is it asking for? Take a little more time out than just trying to calm life but find some solitude so you can hear your souls call. We are often in a state of yearning yet don’t know what it is that we yearn for. We say so freely it is that yearn of connection, connection to our own intuition, others, the Earth, the divine. Whilst this is true it is often a yearning coming from our soul - maybe we aren’t aligned with our values, maybe we are on the wrong path? It’s also often a yearning to release the wildness and rawness that has been suppressed for eons. A yearning to create, play, dance and be radically, authentically free. This new moon is a perfect time to return home to yourself. 🙏🏼✨💜💓 For those joining me OMthemat this week expect a little more magic 🧚🏻‍♀️💫💓✨ 🌑

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