✨ Rhythms ✨

Everything has its own rhythm, there is a time to rise, a time to act, a time to immerse in the sacred pause and a time to return home.

The Phoenix cannot fight the good fight when it is burning, it must surrender, retreat and trust that in its own time it will rise strong once more.

The beauty of nature, the beauty of life is we are all at different stages of our own rhythm.

If everyone was fighting and no one was holding, feeling, grieving, listening and pausing there would be no reflection on when the good fight has been ‘won’, where to direct the energy and how to hold it, contain it and use it for right action.

If everyone was in rising mode their would only be calls to action, the fire within ignited but no where to direct the flames, passion rising, frustration mounting, no where to express and release and we would burn inward or explode at the first chance of action.

If everyone was surrending to the ashes there would be no fight but would there be peace?

There would be no action, no growth, no change, so no peace.

To surrender isn’t to be defeated, or to check out and dissociate, distract or deflect. To surrender to the sacred pause, to retreat for a moment, to seek stillness and silence and access inner wisdom, inner guidance to rise once more to a new creation from a place of returning home is where we create the new from a place of deep knowing.

In the honouring of our own rhythm of where we are currently at there is no pretence - just an authentic expression of where we are currently at, there is both vulnerability and strength in that.

Try and force a butterfly out of its cocoon too early and the alchemy of the ‘struggle’ to strengthen its wings would be broken and it wouldn’t have the strength to fly. Patience and trust is needed, for everyone one butterfly that is being created, another one is resting, while one is in alchemy, there are thousands of others being birthed and thousands more flying and soaring.

It’s ok to rest for a while, it’s ok to take a moment to listen, to rest, it’s ok to trust that where you are is the right place to be.

Individually and collectivity their are rhythms, tune into where you are at, honour that and either use the energy of the sacred fire within to rise, active and transform, or to deeply breath, surrender to the call home and rest, or to use your inner power to rise and ignite yourself and others.

You do not need to be at the same ‘stage’ as another, it is ok to be you - always learning, always growing, always evolving.

It’s in the deep trust of the collective rhythm and the honouring of where others are at that the cyclical cycles keep turning.

Bringing us home to the rhythm of earth.

Shakti Ma

Artist: unknown.

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