BEing the ripple just be BEing you, by BEing the best version of you in every moment - even in the tough times.

Accepting that it’s ok to not be ok, staying true in your authenticity and truth and saying ‘ I’m not ok, I’m having a hard time’ can still be a ripple - why? because it’s you in all your vulnerable truth and it’s inspiring others to be strong enough to step up and say the same.

Carrying out a small act of kindness whether it’s checking up on someone or expressing gratitude for that someone reaching out to you is a ripple that can rise a great Ocean.

Rising an ocean together brings in the deepest connection.

One way to start? 💓 Get connected .... ✨ Connected to others ✨ Connected to the Earth ✨ Connected to your self - ALL of you ✨ Connected to your heartbeat ✨ Connected to your body ✨ Connected to your breath.

One OMazing way to BE the ripple... roll out your yoga mat and BE

This week OM the mat 🧡 Om Daksham Namah - less do more BE

Let’s rise together 🌊💓#ripples#rippleeffect#yoga#be#ocean#rise#connection

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