See, Hear, Speak no evil... or RISE?

SEE no evil, HEAR no evil, SPEAK no evil

Or. RISE..

👀 I am not blinded by ignorance

👂🏻 I am intolerant to hearing lies

👄 I can no longer suppress my truth

3 powerful gateways of healing and yet we still don’t ‘see’ these as this.

We distract ourselves, we numb ourselves, why? Because quite simply the truth is a bitter pill to swallow, it is painful to hear and if we think and see with our reflective eye then in truth it whirls up emotions we are sometimes not ready or wish to deal with.

You know the ones, guilt, shame, bitterness, anger, frustration, sadness, anxiety, you name it, these emotions are waiting for you, they are desperate for you to hear their call, their message. They wish to speak to you in order for you to heal and release the old wounds you keep picking at.

They wish to shout loud at you, listen to me!

You know that they won’t go away until they have your attention, your acceptance, your compassion and ability to listen to their message right?

By pushing and driving them down they will only resurface louder and stronger until you can resist no more. What you resist persists.

Once you see that and realise that they are there to serve you, to bring you deep healing oh it is so liberating!. When you are in the driving seat and when you are ready, get comfortable and speak to your passenger, really look deep, listen.

Swallowing and storing, repeating the cycle of dis-ease and disease of mind, body and soul doesn’t serve anyone.

Rise! .....

👀 Open your eyes to the truth.

Without the sight of clarity, focus and openness without judgement we cannot view ourselves and others compassionately.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.... what do you see?

When you look at your strongest mirror of all.... your relationships, what is staring back at you?

Look at your wounds, your scabs, sometimes not even visible to the naked eye, what is it that is not healing because you are only picking at the surface wound?, are you ready to look within for the root cause?

Our would you rather walk blindly through your journey?

Take a look behind you, what are you leaving behind?

After each interaction whether it be with people, with animals, with nature, with yourself, are you leaving a glow or are you leaving a darkness?

👂🏻 Listen to the call...

What are you not hearing? What noise are you blocking out? What words cut you deep to the core?

When you listen are you listening to receive or just listening for the pause in order for you to reply?

Do you give others the gift of true listening, presence? time?

When they speak are you thinking only of yourself and your busy to-do list?

Do you hear the gift of music in someone’s voice even without them singing?

Are they speaking at the same pitch and frequency as you?

Does your tribe, your circle, vibrate at the same resonance to lift you up? Can you hear them?

Do you take the time to listen to your souls call? To your hearts desires? To the divinity within? Do you hear her call?

What is she saying? Are you ready to hear?

When you walk in nature do you hear mothers heartbeat? In the earth, the sky, the trees?

Can you hear and feel her song deep within?

Do you hear her cry for help she is calling.

If you stop, take the time to really listen you will hear her plea.

Do you give yourself the gift of hearing stillness and silence, that buzz of energy, that’s you.

Can you fully hear your breathe, your heart, your soul?

When you ask your soul, what does she whisper to your heart?

👄 Speak your truth..

My love what bitter pill are you swallowing?

Daily, what are you numbing yourself with so you don’t need to deal with or speak your truth.

What are you digesting ?

With your mouth what medicine are you providing your body with?

What food, what words, what truths are you pushing down, swallowing?

Are you using your voice to hurt or to heal others, the world, yourself ?

Your words create your world, what you speak, becomes your truth.

Take a look at your world, your inner world, your outer world, what is it saying?

Do you take the time to sing, to chant to hum? To raise your vibration to match your soul?

Can you shout to the world, here I am, loud and proud?

Can you be the voice for those that have none?

Do you speak your truth in all it’s glory?

How are you speaking to your cells? Cellular memory... what memories and truths are you creating in your cells, yourCELf?

Do you speak with venom or grace?

Once spoken, your words cannot be forgotten, those with open ears can hear, as can Mother Earth, if you listen, she will whisper it back to you softly on the wind.

Speak to her and she will give you the truth.

Once ignited, how do you let your soul sing and soar, is it silent or is a strong voice for all to hear.

The 3 gateways...

No longer can we be blinded, silenced and deaf to the calls of the wild, the wild within, the wild around us. She is rising.

👀 Look within 👂🏻 Listen to your soul 👄 Speak your truth


Shakti Ma

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