🧡✨Shakti is Rising✨🧡

The Phoenix rises from the ashes of our womb each time we are scorched and burnt.

The snake uncoils and slithers up our spine each time we need to unfurl and move in the way of the woman - free, sensual, powerful.

The raven shreaks overhead when we need to take heed of the path that awaits and lies before us.

The wolf howls hauntingly into the wind in pure liberation, echoing the medicine of a free soul voice.

The lioness walks the path of judgement with her head high, each step leaving behind a deep resonance of pride, honour and respect.

The buffalo holds steadfast, the powerful snort of breath at your neck, protecting your back and honouring and carrying the messages of your ancestors that have come before you.

Shakti is Rising, can you feel it?

The whisper of freedom in the wind, the feeling of rebirth in the rain, the scorch of the wild soul call in the sun, and the crisp sting of aliveness in the cold.

She whispers, she calls, it is your time to rise, it is your time to embrace her.

She is within you, deep.

Your true divine, feminine nature is aching to be free, seen and heard.

She wants you to be raw, free, wild and laugh in face of adversity, to break the chains that weigh you down and to turn your pain into a fire that builds and burns so bright it brings to you moksha - the ultimate freedom.

Are you ready?

Shakti is Rising ....

Shakti Ma🙏🏼💓

Artist: Unknown.

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