🌻 Summer Solstice Rituals ☀️

As the wheel of the year turns towards full bloom this is a beautiful time to enjoy the bounties of Mother Earth.

See what resonates with you below and make your own mini ritual.

To me this a beautiful time to not only honour our ancestors but to also honour yourself - so check in with your own inner teacher, your own inner guide - what pings you, what resonates, what mini ritual will YOU create for the SHE that lives within ?

Carve out some time 3 days before, on the solstice or 3 days after as the energies are still potent.

Blend your own ritual together - check in - what feels good and go enjoy :)


Hmmm this is such a beautiful time to ‘tend’ to things like our ancestors did.

Ask yourself what do I need physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually right now in this moment?

Nurture yourself.

Some beautiful Solstice ‘tending’ rituals:

Planting and Picking

Planting seeds with intentions - hold the seeds to your heart while you hold your intention, plant them while silently repeating your intention (positively as if they have already come to fruition), each time you water them infuse them with your intention and watch them bloom.

Picking herbs and flowers (honour the earth by asking permission first), make tea with the herbs, Mandala wheels with flowers or make a goddess bath with oils and salts.

Nurture and Nourish

Find a sensual playlist and get moving - yoga, dancing, intimacy - this is a time for embracing full bloom in the body.

Soak in a goddess bath - surrounded by petals, candles, music, poetry, oils, salts - sit with your intention and then release it with the cleansing water as it drains back into Mother Earth.

Retreat and Rejoice

Find a nook or space to just be - contemplate, reflect, soak up sacred texts and beautiful poetry into your cells.

Chant, sing - let ‘She’ from within rise and speak - just let it flow from the womb not the mind.


A beautiful time for honouring ancestors, whether thats in simple reflection time or in an altar of love.

An altar can be as small as a candle and a photo that you sit by or visit daily to an abundant elemental altar with daily offerings.


The energies of Fire often ignite passion within.

This is a potent time to release your inner creatrix

Some beautiful solstice rituals:

Bake or cook as offerings of love - think plentiful and sensual.

Strawberries are often seen as a symbol for summer solsitice as they are juicy, succulent and sensual food of the Goddess, think platter arrangements for no reason but to be energetically beautiful, bountiful, blissful.

Honey is also seen as the sweet nectar of this time.

Bake and cook with love, offer with love and rejoice in love.

Maybe even table setting as you would a beautiful altar, get as creative as you would like.


Honour the sun, bath in it, dance in it or practice sun salutations in it.

Candle gaze, part the veils and go still within the flame of the candle.

Create fire - release intentions into the flames, dance.

Sun bath your crystals in this potent energetic time 

With love and blessings

Shakti Ma x

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