🔥💃🏻 The Dance of Change 💃🏻🔥

Passion, fire, drum and dance.

Our heartbeats race our pulse alight.

That whirl and twirl within our veins.

Ecstasy, laughter, pure delight.

Never ending, joyful dance.

Until the sword that comes at night.

In the darkness, the stillness without warning.

To steal our thunder, our victories, our glory.

The dance of change is always upon us.

Nothing lasts although we want it.

The fear that comes with losing all,

Stops us from growing deep within our soul.

Attachment leads us all to suffering.

The grasping, clinging, the ridged ‘i’m not budging’. When we release the tightness of our grip.

From anger, despair and bitterness we slip.

Into acceptance of the dance of change,

We embrace her fully knowing it’s the only way.

Deep into the dark night, trusting the light will come.

A deep knowing it’s a path familar but yet unknown.

For without loss, darkness and despair,

We cannot know love, compassion that we all share.

Accept the change my love, don’t fight, or struggle.

The cycle of life is to do, to be, to do, not hustle, hustle.

The more we yearn for things to stay the same,

The more the suffering burns deep within.

Give up, stop the struggle, accept what is,

Only then can we truly live.

Shakti Ma

Image: Saatchi Art.#dance#change#acceptance#flow#embrace#be#letgo

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