The Lighthouse


📣Heads up! ...It’s ain’t just about BEing the light!! 📣

Being the lighthouse ... often refers to being the light, being the beacon for others, that illuminating, all giving light.🌟

BEing the lighthouse is so, SO much more.

It is not just the shining, inspiring, hopeful saviour we see lighting our way during our hours of need.✨

It is the strong walls, the strong foundations rising up from the earth, the defence walls from the ever evading, continual tidal waves that hit and smash amongst it.🌊💨🌪🌫

These walls are about staying strong, staying rooted, staying still. It is about strength, dignity, integrity, it is about a silent confidence power that stands the test of time. No forcing or pushing, just stillness and faith🙏🏼.

With each crash of waves still it remains, It’s where the destructing waves finally meet their end.✋🏼

The lighthouse remains throughout storms, throughout destruction, throughout the continual changing of the waves and tides.

Often we can only look for or see the light when we need it the most, in times of destruction, darkness and despair.

BEing the lighthouse is #remembering we are also the tidal waves that crash against and within ourselves, it is remembering we are one, like Rumi quotes, we are the entire ocean.🌊💦💧

It is in the recognition that we are each wave, that when the storm hits against us we see that somewhere deep within us we too are also the storm.🌪💫

It is in the acceptance of this that we become the light of the lighthouse, the inspiring light shining bright for others.⭐️🌟

When we accept without judgment only love, we ‘see’ 💜

In this space we can calm the waves, surf the storm and be the gentle lapping waves around our own lighthouse.🙏🏼💓

THE LIGHTHOUSE... where the darkness comes to end.

Shakti Ma x

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