💓 The Mirror of Self Love 💓

I open my heart to you,

This organ that beats strong,

Pounding deep within the dark cave of my moving, breathing bone framed structure.

I offer it all up to you,

The joy, the bliss, the ecstasy, the laughter that echos and vibrates throughout my body.

The grief, the wounds, the scars, the deep hurts etched into the ravines of my precious, gentle heart.

I unfold like a flower and open up and offer it to you all my love, my truth in it’s full, vulnerable rawness, and as I do I feel it expand, bursting full.

The band aids that were once wrapped tight around, holding my fragile heart, start to loosen, no longer needed to hold it up and stay strong.

The more I offer you my heart the more deeply I surrender, the more deep peace I feel.

I offer you my heart and I feel fulfilled, I feel safe, I feel home.

The more I offer you my heart I feel whole.

I offer you my heart my love. ‘The mirror of self love’ Shakti Ma 💓


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