The Sacred Pause

✨The sacred pause ✨

Unplug. Settle in to the silence. Breathe.

Can you feel it?

The pause, where everything becomes still in that very moment.

That connection to our soul, the precious gift of the sacred pause.

I used to ignore this, I was constantly searching, grabbing for the next thing, to feel in control, to not miss out, to be the first, to be the best, to be ENOUGH.

Then I stopped and I began to listen.

At first I listened to the whispers, then I listened to the deep well of silence from within.

And in that moment, the waves of peace and contentment washed over me.

No more grabbing, no more ‘next’, no more convincing, no more searching.

I felt complete, I felt content, I felt whole, I had returned home.

I started to integrate wisdom, wisdom learnt from others, wisdom from my heart and wisdom that I was slowly remembering that I had in me all along.... this all came from the sacred pause.

I started to truly be on my own path, I look back and laugh at the idea that I thought I had truly surrendered to the flow and was on my path, and at that time I was, I was exactly where I was meant to be.

I had surrendered but there was always that deep niggle ‘what if, when’ ...

When I fully let go more than I could ever imagine, when I surrendered wide open to what may or may not come to pass, when I stopped comparing, when I stopped getting triggered by others, when I took the breath of the sacred pause, i started to walk the path of my soul.

I started to remember, I started to root, ground and feel Into what I was remembering, with each sacred pause, the wisdom grew.

I started to rise - without shouting about it, just on my own path I rose more and more into who I was always meant to be.

Sure there’s the shedding of layers and embracing the shadow, but this was different, this was a deep remembering, this was the calling of the return home.

Each time we rise, others around us do to, those that don’t will either catch up in their own time or be left behind and that’s ok, that’s their journey, this is all part of the path of surrendering, a deep knowing, a deep acceptance, a deep trust.

In the sacred pause of remembering, it is difficult not to rise, the magnetic, magic force draws you from within and there’s only one way to go, up.

From rising comes the journey of rewilding, the essence of who we are at a soul level, our soul voice, our only voice - our truth, our divine nature.

Rewilding is the essence of total freedom, liberation, moksha.

Of truly being comfortable in EVERY inch of your skin, because you know yourself.

In knowing yourself there’s no searching or grasping.

In rewilding, there is purification as fierce as the fire and as gentle as the ocean.

There is an expansion of space in each sacred pause, realising there is life in every breath, it’s the realisation that there is the miracle of life in every breath, e v e r y breath.

It’s rewilding from the great mother herself, Mother Earth, and knowing our roots are strong and our only binds are the roots of the deep earth that connect us home.

It’s alchemy, it’s transformation, it’s the return home, it’s rewilding.

It’s honouring this divine gift of life, it’s the sacred pause.

Unplug, Listen, Breathe.

Come home ✨

Shakti Ma x

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