The Storm

In the most turbulent of storms I found my calm..... As the storms raged and howled.

As they whipped and whirled I found my peace.

My eye of the storm.

My centre.

My oneness.

In the leaning in of all that will be.

In the trust, of all will be as it should be.

In the detachment of outcome.

And oh she howled..... the calmer I stood the more she raged, testing, pushing, forcing, the more I allowed.. The more I stood grounded, feet bare foot in the Earth, face to the sky.

Rain fell and it caressed my face, it soaked my body and on she howled.

Grey for days, for what seemed like an age and still i stood.

I stood in calm, in surrender and allowed her to take what no longer served me.

I felt free, and on she howled, demanding attention, demanding me to look at her rage in her fullest glory.

And on I stood, the skies turned black, lightening struck and she howled in mighty rage.

I stood.

She, the mighty storm finally took a breath, out of curiosity out of surrender I do not know ... time stood still.

In the swell of the storm she calmed .

My heart whispered to hers take me, take all of me.

And then it came, the darkness, the raw, brutal crack of lightening, the roar of thunder, the destruction.

My chains fell away as the rain lashed at my face.

My skin soaked, felt a cleanse that it had never felt before, a rebirth perhaps.

And there it was me and her, the mighty storm.

Facing each other, reflecting one another, feeling one another, gratitude for each other.

No words, non needed.

A final rumble of thunder and she went on her way.

And oh I how I danced..... Shakti Ma


Artist: Unknown

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