Feel the bubble underneath your skin, the rising itch and burn of irritation in your mind when falseness, fakeness and drama stand in front of you.

The heat building in your gut and the raw scream pushing at your throat wanting to be released with such ferocity when triggered by the cruel hand of man that surrounds us.

Recognise the desire to dance, sing, and feel wildly free without giving a damn what anyone thinks.

The urge to grab the women around you and sever the unwanted, the toxic, the suffocating pieces of you and the past traumas all woman have carried and throw them into the flames. Embrace the calling to howl at the full moon in the most magnificent release.

Feel the call of the drum that beats deep

in your heart and with every pound of the drum echoing ‘rewild, rewild, rewild’. The more layers we strip bare, the more comfortable we are in our skin the less fucks we give what others think.

Let the wild woman roar within you and watch the old world around you crumble.....for what is toxic, what is not needed and what is not authentic, supporting and true will burn like ash to the ground.

Like the Phoenix in the flames, rise again, no longer hiding in the shadows and remembering our past and all that SHE has been through, stand tall, stay fierce.

No longer silenced in fear of judgment, feeling purity at our core, full of wisdom, grace and love but owning our wildness.

Step into the storm and rebirth, rise out of the flames reckless and wild, lay down in the caressing womb of Mother Earth and release and scream your song, our song on the wind.

Listen to your inner wild and let her be free, let her unapologetically rewild.

Sisters are gathering, goddesses are ready to be remembered....#wildwomanrising#wild#womanrising#rewild#remember#dancetothebeatofyourowndrum#rewilding#innerwild#shaktirising#oopsisaidthefword#poems#poetry#musings

Artist: Unknown

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