What is Love?


What is love?

Is it a look, a word, a feeling?

Is it something we say, that has deep meaning?

Love is all these and so much more,

It’s something our hearts and souls truly long for.

Love is a look, a meeting of eyes that say it all,

Love is an energy that makes us feel strong, proud and stand tall.

Love is a feeling, that brings tears to our eyes,

Drumbeats in our hearts and in our bellies, butterflies.

Love is support, being there for one another through challenging times,

Love is belief, a deep knowing of each others heart and minds.

Love is acceptance of who we and they are in any given moment,

Love is allowing, allowing people to be who they are without judgement.

Love is trust, of our most sacred passion - our heart,

Love is a life as colourful as a gallery of fine art.

Love is joy, laughter and the whirl of wind through our hair,

Love can also be loss, sadness, grief and despair.

Love is all these, it is you, me, all of us,

Let us be love, in all its forms, lean into trust.

For without love we have no storey to tell,

The ups and downs is what makes it worthwhile.

Love begins with self love in our hearts,

Look within, listen, speak your truth make that start.

Shakti Ma x

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