Why do you walk all over me..

Why do you walk all over me without a care?,

You trod, you stamp, you take, all without wanting to share.

You don’t notice me or my cry, my voice, my plea,

But still I sit, in hope that one day you will notice me.

When will you fulfil my thirst?,

I’m parched and starving of your love.

Please water me, nourish me, touch me, feed me,

It’s all i need to be alive, is that too much?

Ignite my fire, watch me burn bright,

Support me so I can shine for you all through the night.

With flames, we see the old fall away,

To make way for the new, the growth, a new day.

Breathe with me, feel my breath deep within,

It’s life, I can give you this, if you just give.

Give me a moment of your time and I will show you how,

The gift of presence is healing, BE in the now.

Notice me, feel my song, my dance,

Come join me, whirl, feel free, take that chance.

Shake, let go, release, surrender.

Together we can ride the storm like an adventure.

What will it take for you to notice me?

My wrath, my destruction, my powerful strength?

Or my depletion, my weakness, my lack of life?

You must feel something?, i am begging without shame,

My plea is strong, look within you search.

I wish for you to notice me, at least for you to know my name.

For I am part of you you see, I am you, I am your mother, I AM EARTH.

Shakti Ma x

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