💚 Wild Heart 💚

The only cage a wild heart should be in is the rib cage of our own body.

Never let your heart be tamed, your soul diminish or the fire within you go out.

Retreat if you must, surrender and hit rock bottom to rise once more, close the doors to the world for a while whilst you shed your stories, beliefs and patterns, take your time, no rush, pick yourself up, renew, rewild, but never close the doors to your wild heart.

The wild beat of your heart is what guides you, it is your path, your essence, your truth.

It is the inner compass that guides you, the fire that ignites you, the earthquake that shakes you, the thunder that roars within, the heaven that opens and the ocean that quenches.

Woman you can never close what you are, and at the root of your heart you are born wild.

Shakti Ma

Artist: Dorrie Joy 💓


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