You can't be friends with someone who wants your life..

#oprah famously said it “You can’t be friends with someone who wants your life”.

A sad thought perhaps but so true. Jealousy drives such a deep wedge amongst souls to the point that it destroys or damages what could be a beautiful connection....

The root cause being insecurity, lack, fear often projected onto other beings... I’ve witnessed many stages to this... first comes the ‘Pedestal’ the ‘Oh wow you are amazing’ which should stop right there and be a reflection of what you see in yourself. However often, over time it leads to comparison and imitation.

Now imitation... being inspired by something someone does and putting your own spin on it is awesome, because let’s face it there is never one original idea, but imitation in the form of near cloning, well that’s just some creepy ass s*%t! ... but the real ugly path is the comparison... the gateway to negative, thoughts, patterns, behaviour, triggers... That state of fight or flight.. of , they have done it first, they have done it better, quite simply the deeper feeling of I’m not enough.

Then comes the hidden and suppressed emotions that have been swallowed and stored, the digs, the contempt, the gossiping, the bitching, finally that green eyed monster reaches its pinnacle with the ego of ‘what have you ever done for me’, ‘who do they think they are’, vengeful, resentful, destructive energies.

What is fascinating is often the person whom this is targeted at goes on their merry way without a care in the world. Being happy and content within themselves, truly being happy for their tribe, community, friendships around them.

With this attitude they attract many people. Like bees to honey, people gravitate, wanting to be around their sweet nectar, to bathe and bask in it... Its one thing to drink from the well that’s openly provided for you, it’s another to suck it dry.

Maybe it’s time to check your circle, who is sucking you dry? ... does someone want your life? How far would they go to take it? Learn your boundaries...

Tip: when you enforce your boundaries, these people will be triggered in many ways, so it’s easily identifiable who your true circle is. #checkyourfrontrow#heartmusings #beescansting

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