Sensory Delight

Pure Radiance Facial


A warm, candlelit room, heated bed and divine, luxury aroma oils await you.
This facial is like no other, it is a sensory delight.


Welcome to Pure Radiance…… Your ritual begins with an Ayurvedic (mind/body holistic healing system) consultation
to determine how you feel at the present moment, revealing thee perfect facial to suit your needs.

 Embark on a deeply relaxing journey with deep breathing and body adjustments to make you melt into the soft bed. 
Your skin is cleansed with a traditional, therapeutic, warm, milky cleanser to remove impurities before warm Ayurvedic
oils are drizzled onto the skin. Relax and unwind while you receive an amazing ‘marma’ energy massage to plump,
hydrateand release stagnant toxins from the skin and the mind. 

  A herbal scrub is rain dropped onto the skin and then rhythmically massaged to detox and smooth the skin.
Hot, aroma towels sweep away to reveal silky, smooth skin. 


A warm, nourishing and intensely hydrating masque is then applied. In your warm, comfy, cocooned haven,
allow your mind and body to surrender to relaxation and soak up the stress relieving benefits of
a signature stress buster shoulder massage.


‘Happiness’ is the next delight to enhance the skin, this revitalising oil is powerful when it comes to
anti ageing and is delivered to the skin with acupressure massage.


Your customised Ayurvedic moisturiser envelops the skin and your treatment completes with
more marma points and body adjustments.


This facial will leave you, your mind and your skin with a youthful vibrant glow, i call it Pure Radiance.





  •  natural face lift

  • youthful glow

  • marma points massaged to release stagnant toxins

  • deeply relaxing

  • hydrating and smoothing



Take your Pure Radiance experience to a whole other level with the addition of Hot Herbal Compresses. 
Not only will you receive all of the above, but your treatment is extended to include treatment to the delicate,
prone to ageing décolleté. Your feet are treated to an Indonesian inspired foot massage, and your scalp to a 
sedating accupressure scalp massage. The facial hits an ultimate high with a beautiful, hot, herbal compress massage
straight after receiving you mama energy facial massage.


This add on not only has the added benefit of more you time, more relaxation but it combats ageing
naturally by harnessing the power of deeper marma point massage. 


Be truly whisked away in this blissful delight.


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